Hinckley, OH          “Indoor”
May 1 - 4

Tuition: $385.
Registration deadline: April 15
Level: Beg/Int
c/o: Jan Graff
403 East Liberty St.
Medina, OH  44256
(330) 725-7893

Course Description: This 4-day indoor workshop will provide a one-of-a-kind workshop experience for the beginning watercolorist, as it will be conducted within the awe inspiring environment of the Cliffside Artists Collaborative and Sargent-Laessig Museum of Fine Arts.  The museum is located in Hinckley, OH about 15 to 20 miles from Akron or Cleveland and only 7 miles from Medina. This outstanding museum features a large number of nationally recognized northeastern Ohio watercolorists including a number of Fred’s award winning paintings. Major emphasis will be placed on controlling the medium and understanding basic watercolor techniques and procedures.  Some of the topics that students will explore include: experimenting with different types of watercolor paper; stretching paper; working with different types of brushes; creating color tests and color schemes; understanding how to retain the natural white of the paper; and exploring a variety of subject matter such as landscape, figure, floral, and still-life. The basic elements and principles of design will also be lightly introduced.  This class is specifically designed for the beginning level student as well as for those who need to review the basic concepts of watercolor.  It should be noted that even art teachers have found this course to be of interest in regard to further developing their curriculum and personal art instruction.  This class will have a limited enrollment to ensure more individualized instruction.





Medina, OH          “Indoor”
June 19 - 22

Tuition: $385.
Registration deadline: June 1
Level: Int/Adv
c/o: Jan Graff
403 East Liberty St.
Medina, OH  44256
(330) 725-7893

Course Description: This 4-day workshop takes place in the historic town of Medina, Ohio, relatively close to Fred’s home studio/gallery. This indoor workshop will be conducted in a facility that has ample working space and excellent lighting.  Working from photos and/or sketchbook references, students will be encouraged to explore both innovative and traditional watercolor approaches that will further develop and enhance their own personal style of painting.  Fred will provide students with a series of exercises, lectures, demonstrations, and critiques that will enable each individual to fully understand how to develop a painting that reinforces the elements and principles of design.  Emphasis will also be placed on expressing yourself in an artistic and uninhibited manner.  The introduced painting approaches and concepts will enlighten both traditional and contemporary watercolor artists. Some of the different topics that will be introduced include: abstract underglazes, negative painting, understanding how to maintain natural whites, wet-in-wet painting approaches and most importantly, composition and design.





Stonington, ME          “On location”
July 23 - 28

Tuition: $575.
Registration deadline: April 1
Level: Int/Adv
c/o: Jan Graff
403 East Liberty St.
Medina, OH  44256
(330) 725-7893

Course Description:  Stonington, 47 miles south of Bangor, is an old fishing village situated along the picturesque coastline of Deer Isle, Maine.   This quaint, active harbor is surrounded with vintage architectural structures and an array of fishing and lobster boats.  Windjammers sail through the area on a regular basis and use the harbor for anchoring overnight.  This five-day workshop is preceded with a get-acquainted gathering on Sunday and the workshop concludes with a group farewell dinner Friday evening.  Morning instruction begins each day at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at 4:00 p.m.  Each day, morning instruction will include insightful lectures, discussions, exercises and demonstrations.  Students will paint on location at a variety of designated painting sites during the course of the week.  Following class, students will have the option of continuing their painting pursuits independently or enjoy exploring different types of recreational activities such as golf, island excursions, boat trips, kayaking, hiking, farmer’s market, etc.   Informative 2-hour critiques will be conducted at the town hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening (spouses are always welcome).  Students will also have the option of participating in a miniature painting exchange with fellow participants, including Fred.  Details regarding this painting exchange will be further outlined upon registration.  It stands to reason why Stonington is the best-kept secret among artists; it is undeniably a painter’s paradise.









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Graff Watercolor Workshops

c/o Jan Graff

403 E. Liberty Street

Medina, OH  44256


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