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Old fashioned or not, the best way to place an order for reproductions is to personally call Fred’s studio/gallery. Either his wife Jan, who serves as the gallery and workshop coordinator, or Fred will be happy to answer any of your questions or work out the necessary shipping details with you. Please feel free to give a call or contact them via their email address:


(330) 421-1131



Shipping Reproductions

Reproductions can be packed and shipped either in a mailing tube or a reinforced, flat container. Naturally, the easiest and least expensive process is to roll and ship the reproduction in a mailing tube. Costs can vary according to size, weight, distance, insurance, and other shipping and packing factors.



Additional Information

For further information regarding personal gallery visitations, commissions, scheduling workshops, demonstrations, judging, lectures, group critiques, appraisals or arranging projected exhibitions, please contact:



Workshop and Gallery Coordinator
102 Safe Harbor Circle
Salem, SC  29676

(330) 421-1131


Framing Recommendations

UV glass and 100% rag or pH-Neutral mats are highly recommended for both reproductions and original watercolor paintings.